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  1. Stink, Inc. – 5 Key Ways to Not Stink-Up Your Startup

    If you’re launching your startup, you’re likely throwing your heart and soul (and money) into making it a success.

    Like it or not, there are some critical legal matters that you will face early in the startup process that can make or break your company. Failing to deal with these matters right from the start can lead to a stinking mess later on. Pay attention to five key issues and your startup will be on the path to smelling like a rose.

  2. Cleanup Your Startup: Taking the Legal Broom to LegalZoom

    According to LegalZoom’s website, over 1 million satisfied customers have used its popular legal document service. At LegalZoom, they even “guarantee your satisfaction.” Perhaps LegalZoom should redraft its guaranty, because we continually are pulling out the legal broom to clean up these do-it-yourself legal documents. So what is LegalZoom, really?

  3. Corporate Housekeeping – The Basics And Why They Matter

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “According to the bylaws, what are the basics that I need to do for corporate housekeeping, such as Boardmeetings, Stockholder meetings, minutes, records, etc.?”

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