Past Webinars.

If you missed it the first time around, then catch the rerun.

Recordings of all of our past webinars are available at any time. Search below for what you missed!

  1. How Your Funding Path Affects Your Financial Return at Exit

    Legal INCubator Webinar: Explore how your company’s funding strategy will impact your financial return at exit. This practical webinar will help you analyze and understand the Bootstrap, Seed Funding and Venture Capital Funding alternatives, so that you know where you will land in the liquidation waterfall when you sell your company. 

  2. The Series A Term Sheet Explained

    Legal INCubator Webinar: Learn the ins and outs of Series A Preferred Stock Term Sheets, including key terms and negotiation points and how a Series A financing will affect your equity cap table. Presented by expert venture capital attorneys Carlos Heredia and Matt Steiner.

  3. The Liquidation Waterfall Explained

    Whether you are raising venture capital or selling your company, it is critical to understand how the founders and investors will be paid out.  Don’t raise money in the dark and don’t sell your company without knowing the financial consequences. This webinar explains the liquidation waterfall, so that you will understand the potential exit payouts when you are negotiating your preferred stock financing and evaluating the sale of your company.