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You are ready to scale, and you want to do it correctly to continue increasing your enterprise value and prospects. As your company grows in revenue, personnel and opportunities, running your company will become more complex. You will need to ensure that business deals and relationships create prospects for growth and upside, while limiting liability and risk along the way.
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Solving growth stage challenges

The growth stage is a critical time for your startup. You’re scaling operations, signing key contracts, securing funding and building a strong team. But legal hurdles can slow you down.

At California Counsel Group, we understand the unique challenges that growth stage startups face. Our team of experienced lawyers – many of them startup founders, investors and business advisors themselves – provide the guidance that entrepreneurs need to avoid common pitfalls and take their business to the next level.

We work closely with you to develop a practical legal strategy for your startup’s growth and needs, ensuring your corporate legal affairs are organized to support your goals.

  • Equity Compensation Plans: Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. We help you design effective equity compensation plans that allow you to issue stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units (RSUs) and other types of equity awards, in order to compensate and incentivize your team and align their interests with your startup. Our guidance will allow you to efficiently determine the right grant size and vesting terms for each equity award.
  • Contracts for Your Team: As you build your team with employees, advisory board members and consultants, we will help you document these important relationships and provide guidance to help you offer the right terms.
  • Startup Growth: Gain guidance on how to structure, negotiate and document new business deals, strategic and venture financings and partnerships to optimize success.
  • SaaS Agreements: Your SaaS agreements and other licensing contracts are the foundation of your business model. We ensure your contracts are ironclad, protecting your intellectual property (IP) and revenue streams.
  • IP Licensing: Your IP is your startup’s most valuable asset. We help you navigate and negotiate the complexities of IP licensing to maximize its value and protect your innovations.
  • Technology Transactions: Growth often involves strategic partnerships and key commercial relationships. We guide you through complex technology transactions to ensure favorable terms and minimize risk.
  • Biotechnology Transactions: Your biotech startup will require development, clinical research, material transfer and other agreements to support and advance your research and development. We help you negotiate, document and close these relationships quickly and cost effectively.

We help you stay organized and prepared for key transactions in the future, whether your company is headed towards additional funding, key strategic commercial relationships or an eventual company sale.
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Your partner for startup growth

Don’t let legal hurdles slow your startup’s momentum.

As you turn up the heat, you will need the legal expertise and experience to help you navigate the best path forward for your company. Our priority is to help you grow your company strategically and intelligently. From negotiating key business deals, to closing critical collaborations, to structuring service and supply arrangements, we’ve been there and done that.

We will help you stay focused on the key contractual issues and cut through the legal noise to provide clear, actionable advice on your company’s most critical agreements and transactions.

As you build your team to execute your business plan, we will walk you through the ins and outs of equity compensation plans and personnel contracts to help you attract and retain the best talent.

We have the systems and processes in place to keep your company’s legal affairs organized, up to date and ready for more business. From securing funding, growing to the next level and planning your exit strategy, we are your partner through every stage of the startup journey.

Let us help your company grow and succeed.

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Growth stage startup services:

Legal management.

  • Corporate review and cleanup
  • Document organization and due diligence preparation
  • Cap table management and equity plan and stock option administration
  • Contract preparation, negotiation, execution and organization

More people.

  • Offer letters and other contracts for executives, employees, consultants and advisors
  • Equity incentives – stock options, restricted stock grants and RSUs
  • Commission, bonus and sales rep agreements
  • Proprietary information and invention assignment agreements

More deals.

  • Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work
  • Manufacture, supply and distribution arrangements
  • Inbound and outbound licensing arrangements
  • Joint ventures, collaborations and strategic partner deals
  • NDAs, material transfer agreements and development agreements
  • LOIs, MOUs and term sheets for financing, commercial and other strategic deals

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Carlos and his team continue to provide general corporate legal assistance, including drafting and executing a significant Development and License Agreement with an international partner.

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