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We’re business attorneys that provide legal fuel for startups.

Having worked side by side with thousands of Startups, we’ve identified a significant gap in traditional startup Accelerators and Incubators – top quality legal strategy, support and guidance. That’s where we come in.

Startups need good legal help in order to be successful. So, as an extension of our law firm, we developed the Legal INCubator to guide and empower Entrepreneurs along their Startup journeys. Our blog, workshops, webinars, resources and tools dig into the details and issues that really matter so that Entrepreneurs can accelerate and advance their Startups.

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Join us for an upcoming webinar or event to get to know us and learn a lot about your business in the process. Or check out a recording from our past webinars.

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Check out our Legal INCubator Playbook and learn the ins and outs about startup concepts and issues you need to know in order to be successful.

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Don't just walk the walk - talk the talk! Learn all of the startup buzzwords and why they matter.

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We know a lot about business and law, and we love to share it. Check out our blog for helpful insights and tips.

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We're entrepreneurs too, and we've spent a lot of time researching, implementing and evaluating the endless tools and resources out there.  To help scale our business, we're happy to share with you the ones that we love to use!

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We love to curate content that our clients find useful, practical and informative.

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“Very insightful. I came away from this with a better understanding of what I should consider, both in the short term and the long.”

Brad Keiller, Founder of Nomad Donuts