Where are you in your business journey?

To obtain startup funding, your company
will need to plan, prepare, hustle,
negotiate, document, execute and close.

Navigating the startup funding stages

Securing capital is the lifeblood of any early-stage venture.

Where do you start? Raising money has many moving parts and legal requirements. You will need guidance through the various stages of startup funding, so that you have a clear understanding of how the financing terms and process will affect you and your company from ownership, control and governance perspectives.

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We help you understand your financing options

California Counsel Group will guide you through the complex stages of startup funding from beginning to end. We leverage our legal knowledge and deal experience to help you navigate your financing options and strike the best deal at each stage, while preserving the opportunity to raise additional funds in the future.

Pre-Seed Funding (Foundational Capitalization)

This initial stage often relies on self funding or “bootstrapping” efforts by the founding team. At this stage, your company may use founder or stockholder loans, convertible debt or SAFEs to raise capital.

Seed Funding (Early-Stage Investment)

Initial seed funding from friends and family, angel investors and early stage venture capital funds provides fuel to build your product or technology, grow your core team and conduct market research to prove out your business model. At this stage, your company may be raising money through SAFEs, convertible debt, Common Stock financings and Series Seed Prefered Stock financings.

Series A Funding (Scaling for Growth)

Series A funding helps you continue technology and product development while scaling your operations, expanding marketing efforts and adding to the team. Venture capital firms and angel investors are the primary players at the Series A stage. You will need an experienced venture capital lawyer to help negotiate and close the best deal for your company.

Series B Funding (Fueling Expansion)

Having achieved significant market traction, your company may seek Series B funding to grow market share or to invest in further product development.

Series C Funding and Beyond (Continuing Expansion and Maturity)

At this startup funding stage, your well-established and profitable company will seek additional capital for further expansion. We’ve got you covered from Series A-Z (our record to date is Series M).

Venture Debt and Bridge Funding (When Needed)

Your company may need to extend or bridge its working capital through venture debt, equipment financing and/or bridge loans to get to the next financing.

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You have funding questions – we’ve got answers:

  • Is debt or equity financing right for my company now?
  • How do I choose between Seed vs. Series A?
  • What is the best valuation cap?
  • How do I approach potential investors and what can I say?
  • What documents do I need when I meet with investors?
  • What are the key financing terms that I need to negotiate?
  • How much will I be diluted?
  • Do I have the right legal structure to take in investment?
  • How do I get ready for business and legal due diligence?
  • What are my next steps to raise money?

We understand that raising capital is a continuous and complex process. When you have questions, and you will, we’re here to help you:

  • ✓ Determine your company’s best option to raise money
  • ✓ Prepare and negotiate the necessary financing documents
  • ✓ Navigate the legal complexities and corporate approvals
  • ✓ Coordinate the final steps to bring in investment and close the deal
Let`s Talk Funding

Startup funding services:

Guidance through the startup funding stages

Raising money is serious business. We will help you do it correctly.

Funding preparation.

  • Assess legal readiness of company to raise money
  • Build spreadsheet to model financing terms and resulting ownership dilution
  • Prepare and negotiate term sheet to outline key financing terms
  • Organize due diligence data room
  • Negotiate and document investment banker enagement letters and investor non-disclosure agreements

Debt financing.

  • Founder and stockholder loans
  • Convertible debt
  • Venture debt deals
  • Bridge loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Commercial bank loans

Equity financing.

  • Friends and family equity rounds
  • SAFE financings
  • Seed funding
  • Venture capital and private-equity deals
  • Strategic investment transactions


Growth funding for eventual sale.

Case Study


See how we helped AgraQuest during
its fund, grow and exit stages.

Case Study

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When you envision your own business journey, it helps to see what others have done at each stage along the way.

California Counsel Group has really focused and dug in on projects to advance and close financings, put key contracts in place and on-board key colleagues. For example, for our recent financing deals, they quickly got stockholder approval across many series of stock, so that we could close the initial funding rounds.

Jeffrey Symington, GroundMetrics, Inc

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