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  1. Biotech Startup Lawyer

    Choosing the right biotech startup lawyer will be critical to your company’s success, ranking among the most important decisions that you initially will need to make as you launch and grow your new biotech venture. You will need to consider a variety of factors when choosing your biotech startup lawyer, including relevant experience with other…

  2. How to Incorporate a Business – 8 Reasons Why You Should

    Why should you incorporate your business? You will face this question once you launch your business and start to formalize its structure. We explain below many of the reasons why forming a corporation is an important first step in starting and structuring your business.

  3. Venture Capital Attorney – 7 Interview Questions To Ask A Prospective Lawyer

    Your startup needs to engage the right venture capital attorney to be successful, especially if your startup plans to raise money from investors and be acquired in the future. No ands, ifs or buts. Whether you already have hired an attorney for your startup or are in the process of engaging one, ask these questions…

  4. Answer the Bell at Our Friday Free-For-Alls

    Answering Your Startup Questions During this Challenging Time We hope that you and your loved ones are, and continue to be, healthy and safe as you navigate the challenges of Covid-19. Even though the business landscape and our work environments have changed dramatically, we need to lace up our gloves and continue advancing our companies…

  5. Convertible Note Term Sheet – Explained

    What is a Convertible Note Term Sheet?   A Convertible Note Term Sheet is the summary outline of the key terms for a convertible debt seed financing. As you approach potential investors, the term sheet will be a critical part of your seed financing toolkit, together with the executive summary and investor pitch deck. Once…

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