Your situation:

You have a great idea and it’s time to start your business. Whether you’re a first-time founder or a serial entrepreneur, you know that it’s important to put the right legal foundation in place from the start.

Your challenges:

  • How should I structure my company to ensure correct equity ownership?
  • How do I protect my key intellectual property?
  • What’s better, a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC)?
  • How do I secure the right to my company’s corporate name?
  • What is a stockholder agreement and do I need one with my co-founders?
  • How do I capitalize the company initially, with a founder loan?
  • How do I structure my company now if I plan to seek external funding later?

Our solution:

We have helped over 1,500 businesses launch, and we know the critical issues, steps and documents necessary to ensure that your company is set up for success now and in the future. We are ready to help you build a solid legal foundation for your business. Are you?

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Startup services:

Business planning.

  • Plan founder ownership, contributions, duties and responsibilities
  • Build startup equity ownership and financing models
  • Outline future legal steps to achieve business goals
  • Detailed discussion about legal structure and terms

Launching your company.

  • Incorporation vs. LLC formation
  • Structure stock ownership with vesting
  • Capture necessary contributions and IP
  • Protect your personal assets from business risk

Building your team.

  • Bring employees and consultants into your company
  • Clear contracts to cover duties, compensation and IP ownership
  • Grant stock options to compensate and motivate
  • Advisory board formation and member agreements

Liquid Biopsy Biotech.

Launch for scientific leap.

Case Study

Liquid Biopsy Biotech.

See how we helped RhoDx start,
fund and grow into a biotech success.

Case Study

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When you envision your own business journey, it helps to see what others have done at each stage along the way.

There is absolutely no one I would recommend above Carlos for startups. This is his sweet spot. He gets it. He has the experience, expertise, insight and practicality to best support companies and individuals in their early days and beyond.

Christina E. Huben, BioConsortia, Inc.

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