Your situation:

You are ready to transition out of your company. Perhaps you have an acquisition offer and the strategic fit and price are just right. It could be time to make room for the next generation. Maybe you’re ready for your next big idea. No matter the driver for change, you want to make sure that you structure the right deal with the best terms possible. It’s time to harvest your hard work and transition your company.

Your challenges:

  • I don’t have an exit strategy – what should I do?
  • Should I hire an investment banker to shop my company?
  • How should my company get ready for business and legal due diligence?
  • Who prepares the letter of intent?
  • Should I consider an asset purchase, stock sale or merger?
  • How can I make sure to get the most from the sale of my company?
  • How do I structure the best business deal and limit my exposure after the sale is done?

Our solution:

We know M&A. We have more than 40 years of combined experience structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing once-in-a-lifetime business deals for our clients. We also have been on both sides of the table as counsel for sellers and buyers in a variety of asset sale, stock sale and merger transactions. From the initial letter of intent to the final closing, our experience, focus and organization will make the M&A process a well-oiled machine.

Let's Do This

Exit services:

M&A preparation.

  • Corporate review and readiness
  • Document organization and due diligence preparation
  • Cap table review and cleanup
  • Deal structure, model and planning

Negotiation & documentation.

  • NDA and LOI
  • Principal deal agreements and documents
  • Disclosure schedule preparation and management
  • Non-compete, employment and retention agreements

Approvals & closing.

  • Information statement and corporate approvals
  • Deal management and issue resolution
  • Document execution and organization
  • Final closing logistics and legal compliance

Craft Brewery.

Position for growth and exit.

Case Study

Craft Brewery.

See how we helped Home Brew Mart (Ballast Point)
grow and sell its business.

Case Study

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When you envision your own business journey, it helps to see what others have done at each stage along the way.

When we started evaluating potential corporate transactions, CCG was an important legal partner. Their legal work as our corporate counsel stood up against the review and scrutiny of various legal, accounting and other advisors during our IPO process and eventual sale of the company for $1 billion.

Jim Buechler, Home Brew Mart, Inc. (aka Ballast Point)

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