Home Brew Mart, Inc. aka Ballast Point
Grow / Exit

Ballast Point is a successful craft brewery founded in San Diego, California.

The challenge.

Ballast Point needed experienced corporate counsel to assist with various corporate governance, stock ownership, equity incentive, investor relations, contractual and other general counsel services. A major challenge initially was to transition the company’s corporate legal work from a mid-size law firm that had served Ballast Point for many years previously.

The solution.

Our first step was to scan and organize all of the corporate documents and contracts that we obtained from the company. Through this process, we quickly understood the ownership and corporate governance structures of Ballast Point and identified various corporate and contractual issues requiring further attention. We worked with company management to prepare and put in place the necessary structures and legal documents in order to get the company ready for future financing and other strategic transactions. Our ability to organize, manage and access quickly the corporate records and related information of Ballast Point was critical to its continuing efforts to build and grow the company.

The results.

We worked closely with the executive team as it advanced the company through its important growth phase and eventual sale for $1 billion at the end of 2015. In particular, we assisted on critical stock ownership and corporate approval projects leading up to the sale, working with the executive team to navigate key strategic issues and finalize the sale transaction.

In addition, the corporate cleanup work that we had performed at the beginning of our relationship with Ballast Point held up with no changes or adjustments through the closing of its sale. We played a key role in supporting and advancing various key aspects of the sale transaction and continue to assist with spinout and other companies resulting from our work with Ballast Point.