AgraQuest, Inc.
Fund / Grow / Exit

AgraQuest is an ag-biotech company focused on leading and innovative biological and low-chemical pest management solutions.

The challenge.

AgraQuest needed experienced and cost-effective corporate counsel that could assist with a variety of corporate finance transactions and other business deals. Of particular importance, the company had a very complex and evolving equity capitalization structure, which required careful and detailed management.

The solution.

Our first involvement with AgraQuest was to assist with the negotiation, documentation and purchase of a fermentation facility in Southern Mexico from Abbott Laboratories. After this transaction, we assisted with its additional preferred stock financing rounds (Series H, H-1, H-2, I, J and K), and various other bridge and mezzanine debt funding transactions. We also worked closely with the executive team on various corporate governance matters and critical collaboration and other business deals.

The results.

AgraQuest had a very complex capital structure with numerous investors having varying rights, preferences and privileges. We closely managed the corporate records and equity capitalization table, including the financial modeling for successive rounds of preferred stock funding. Given the number of stockholders over time, stockholder meetings and approvals required innovative technology solutions in order to manage and track quickly and accurately the various documents, signatures and voting and other information. We focused intensely on information organization and management in order to provide prompt and efficient legal support to this company.

We supported AgraQuest through its sale in 2012 for approximately $500 million.