Tour Engine, Inc.
Start / Fund / Grow

Tour Engine is developing and commercializing a patented, split-cycle, internal combustion engine that is poised to deliver substantial efficiency gains through superior thermal management. The company’s main goal from the start: to make one of civilization’s most valued workhorses – the combustion engine – vastly more efficient.

The challenge.

We have worked with Tour Engine since its initial incorporation, when it was working out of two garages, one in San Diego and the other in Israel. From day one, Tour Engine has been focused on developing its leading-edge engine technology, while making sure that the necessary intellectual property, corporate and other legal details are covered properly. Tour Engine recognized early on that it needed the right legal support to build a world class company. This legal support needed to work financially during the early bootstrapped years, and it had to have the necessary legal expertise to handle more complex corporate, financial and commercial matters as they have come on line.

The solution.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we immediately connected with the founders of Tour Engine and worked with them to structure a customized engagement that would resolve the above cost/complexity challenges. For more than ten years, our work for Tour Engine has covered many aspects of the typical Start / Fund / Grow phases of a technology-focused startup. We have worked with Tour Engine on various debt, convertible debt, common stock and preferred stock financing transactions. We have implemented and administered its advisory board and stock option programs, preparing various employee, consultant and advisor agreements and tracking related stock option grants. We also are involved in various commercial contracts for Tour Engine and its day-to-day operations and legal matters.

The results.

We are proud to work and partner with Tour Engine. The founders have had a vision from the start and have been steadfast in their focus and implementation. As corporate counsel from the beginning, it has been very satisfying to see this type of hard work and perseverance result in forward progress. We look forward to supporting Tour Engine as it continues to grow and go.