Explore how your company’s funding strategy will impact your financial return at exit.

This practical webinar will help you analyze and understand the Bootstrap, Seed Funding and Venture Capital Funding alternatives, so that you know where you will land in the liquidation waterfall when you sell your company.

Workshop Rundown:

  • Review the equity building blocks of the capital table
  • Analyze the Bootstrap, Seed Funding and Venture Capital funding alternatives
  • Review key terms to negotiate for a Convertible Debt financing and a Venture Capital financing
  • Analyze the Excel financing model to highlight how the various ownership and financing terms interact
  • Begin populating your financial model with actual equity data and financing terms
  • Analyze the ownership dilution that you can expect under the three funding alternatives
  • Review the liquidation waterfall under the Bootstrap, Seed Funding and Venture Capital alternatives
  • Review how your company will need to scale to achieve a similar financial outcome under each funding alternative

Valuable Takeaways:

  • Deeper understanding of startup finance, key equity capitalization concepts and key financing terms
  • An Excel financing model populated with your specific equity and funding information
  • Knowledge and tools to help you manage your startup’s cap table and negotiate better financing terms


Presented by Carlos Heredia

Startup Attorney (Stanford JD/MBA)

Carlos works closely with startups and growing companies across a variety of technologies and industries, advising them on legal and business matters at early-stage startup, funding and sale.  As a startup attorney, he has seen many business plans, approaches and decisions, many done well and many done wrong.  Carlos takes a practical legal approach with his clients and is dedicated to making a tangible difference and positive impact on their businesses, knowing firsthand the challenges of not only launching a startup, but also managing a successful business and planning for the future.

The Legal INCubator:

We’re business attorneys that provide legal fuel for startups, working side-by-side with entrepreneurs to start, fund, grow and exit companies. Having worked with thousands of startups, we’ve identified a significant gap in traditional startup accelerators and incubators – top quality legal strategy, support and guidance. That’s where we come in.

Startups need good legal help in order to be successful. So, as an extension of our law firm, we developed the Legal INCubator to guide and empower entrepreneurs along their startup journeys. Our workshops, webinars, resources and tools dig into the details and issues that really matter, so that entrepreneurs can accelerate and advance their startups.

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