Carlos Heredia


Like the entrepreneurs he serves, Carlos Heredia had an idea and after soul searching and planning, he jumped off the big law firm ship and set off, rowing furiously in his entrepreneurial dinghy, to launch California Counsel Group. He knew that he wanted to work with passionate people who are brave and crazy enough to strike out on their own. So now, after his morning Masters Swim, he spends his days providing legal advice and services to support startups and growth companies through every stage of the business journey: starting, funding, growing and exiting.

Carlos is dedicated to making a tangible difference and positive impact on his clients and their businesses, knowing firsthand the challenges of not only starting a new company, but also managing a successful business and planning for the future. Carlos has a lifelong love of learning, which helps him stay current with advances in technology and keep pace with the evolving legal requirements, services and expectations of his clients.

And a little more.

  • Education

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Stanford Law School

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Fun Facts

    Carlos is a true native Californian. He even drove a VW bus while completing his undergraduate studies, and has raised his kids to admire and enjoy the sound of its glorious engine in the slow lane on the freeway.

    Carlos has a diverse appreciation of music. His tastes range from R&B to Brazilian to salsa, but his hidden talent is knowing every classic rock song from the 70s and 80s.

    And life is always better when the Bruins and Lakers are winning in basketball!