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  1. How To Sell A Business: Six Steps to Optimize Your Exit

    Just as you planned for the launch of your company, you need to understand how to sell a business. Whether the sale of your company is your endgame from the outset, an unanticipated development due to a business downturn, or an intriguing offer that has dropped into your lap, you can maximize your exit opportunity…

  2. Brand new website, same streamlined business law services!

    Our Business Law Services Website Has a New Look We’re very excited to welcome you to our brand-new website. Rest assured that, even though we’re sporting a new look, we still are providing the same business law services and support that you have come to expect over the last ten years. Our new, easy to navigate…

  3. Investment Bank Engagement Letters – 7 Critical Tips to Negotiate with the Pros

    Are you thinking of hiring an investment banker to help you sell your company? If so, remember that investment bankers are pros at doing deals and you will need to be prepared for the negotiation of their engagement letters. Sharpen your pencil and pay close attention to the following seven critical tips, so that you start…

  4. When Does Your Company Need Board Approval?

    Learn What Corporate Actions Need Board Approval As an entrepreneur, you will need to keep your corporation on track and follow good corporate governance practices. In particular, you will need to manage the Board of Directors and know which corporate actions and business activities will require formal Board approval. As mentioned in the video, here is a list…

  5. How To Get It Right When Selling Your Company

    Are you growing your company with the goal of selling it one day and having a successful exit? Whether you already have started your company or you are settling into the starting block and getting ready to launch, it is important to plan ahead and think about how to position your company for its eventual sale.

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