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  1. Determine Whether Debt or Equity Financing is Right for Your Company

    Let’s say you have started a new company and now you need to raise money from investors in order to bring some outside capital or investment into your company. Do you set up an equity financing and sell shares to equity investors? Or do you take in new investment as debt that must be repaid? When getting ready to raise money, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are not sure how to structure the proposed financing that they need.

  2. Stockholders – How much company information should they receive?

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “Could you please clarify for us what type of information our company is legally obligated to provide to (minority) shareholders, and how often (e.g., financial statements, cap table, etc.)?”

  3. Convertible Debt – It’s Not Stock Until the Debt Converts Into Equity

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “How should I expect liquidation preferences for holders of convertible notes to work?”

  4. Equity Crowdfunding – 5 Ways to Get Ready Now

    Equity crowdfunding will allow your company to raise money online by selling small amounts of stock to a large number of individual investors. As you plan ahead for your business, it’s important to get your company ready for equity crowdfunding.

  5. How to Raise Money with a Blimp or Mail Chimp

    If you have started a company or are thinking about starting a company, at some point you will probably need to raise money for your business. This article and video focuses on key considerations when raising money through general advertising and general solicitation.

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