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  1. Startup Questions: Answer the Bell at Our Friday Free-For-Alls

    Answering Your Startup Questions During this Challenging Time We hope that you and your loved ones are, and continue to be, healthy and safe as you navigate the challenges of Covid-19. Even though the business landscape and our work environments have changed dramatically, we need to lace up our gloves and continue advancing our companies…

  2. Hey Entrepreneur – Read That Agreement First, And Then Sign It!

    You need to read the contract before you sign it. It sounds simple. And it should be.But there are so many people out there who don’t take the time to read important agreements, or don’t make the effort to understand them, or rely too much on the wrong people for guidance. They later find out that they have really bad agreements in place and limited options to make things better.

  3. Stockholders – How much company information should they receive?

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “Could you please clarify for us what type of information our company is legally obligated to provide to (minority) shareholders, and how often (e.g., financial statements, cap table, etc.)?”

  4. S-Corporation – What type of company should a sole proprietor use?

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “Today, I am a sole proprietor and have a general partnership agreement with my wife. I need a real simple corporation, maybe an S corp. Could you please help me figure out the right type of company to set up?”

  5. Convertible Debt – It’s Not Stock Until the Debt Converts Into Equity

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “How should I expect liquidation preferences for holders of convertible notes to work?”

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