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  1. LegalZoom to Legal Doom – When DIY Incorporations Lead to DUIs

    If you do a DIY Incorporation (say, through LegalZoom), then BEWARE: you might end up with a DUI (“Don’t Understand Incorporations”). When starting your company, you should invest the necessary time, focus and resources in the initial organization and structure of your company as you position the company to be successful.

  2. Due Diligence: Is Your Startup Investor Ready?

    Put the right building blocks in place at the beginning and make sure that your company is ready for the investment process. Amateur mistakes and business shortcuts will not lead you to a successful financing.

  3. Cleanup Your Startup: Taking the Legal Broom to LegalZoom

    According to LegalZoom’s website, over 1 million satisfied customers have used its popular legal document service. At LegalZoom, they even “guarantee your satisfaction.” Perhaps LegalZoom should redraft its guaranty, because we continually are pulling out the legal broom to clean up these do-it-yourself legal documents. So what is LegalZoom, really?

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