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  1. 6 Investor Questions that You Need to Answer to Raise Money

    Are you ready for the hard questions from potential investors who are looking to invest in your company? Investors usually are serious and focused people who won’t hold back when asking questions about you and your company and whether they should make an investment in your company.

  2. Equity Crowdfunding – 5 Ways to Get Ready Now

    Equity crowdfunding will allow your company to raise money online by selling small amounts of stock to a large number of individual investors. As you plan ahead for your business, it’s important to get your company ready for equity crowdfunding.

  3. How to Raise Money with a Blimp or Mail Chimp

    If you have started a company or are thinking about starting a company, at some point you will probably need to raise money for your business. This article and video focuses on key considerations when raising money through general advertising and general solicitation.

  4. Equity Crowdfunding Is Here – Why You Need to Incorporate!

    Structuring a business as a corporation is the right choice for most startups, and it will make even more sense if you are considering equity crowdfunding as a way to raise money for your company.

  5. How the JOBS Act can help you raise money for your startup

    JOBS Act Overview Prior to April 2012, (the JOBS Act) a Privately-Held Company could not raise money over the Internet, because the Federal Securities Laws did not allow Financing transactions that used General Solicitation or general advertising to potential Investors. Equity Crowdfunding Is Coming! The reason was that this type of general outreach to potential…

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