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  1. Convertible Note Term Sheet – Explained

    What is a Convertible Note Term Sheet? A Convertible Note Term Sheet is the summary outline of the key terms for a convertible debt seed financing. As you approach potential investors, the term sheet will be a critical part of your seed financing toolkit, together with the executive summary and investor pitch deck. Once you…

  2. Financing Fundamentals: Equity Funding, Convertible Debt & Dilution

    If you first raised a seed round with convertible debt and now are raising capital , then you need to model the financing and understand how the terms will affect your company’s equity capitalization table and resulting stock ownership. We have created an equity financing model for you to download.

  3. 6 Investor Questions that You Need to Answer to Raise Money

    Are you ready for the hard questions from potential investors who are looking to invest in your company? Investors usually are serious and focused people who won’t hold back when asking questions about you and your company and whether they should make an investment in your company.

  4. Convertible Debt – It’s Not Stock Until the Debt Converts Into Equity

    Entrepreneur’s Question: “How should I expect liquidation preferences for holders of convertible notes to work?”

  5. Raising Money with Convertible Debt: The Basics

    You are meeting with a potential investor in a few days and they are interested in structuring a possible investment as convertible debt. You need to get up to speed quickly on the key terms and negotiation points for this type of investment.

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