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  1. How to Raise Money with a Blimp or Mail Chimp

    If you have started a company or are thinking about starting a company, at some point you will probably need to raise money for your business. This article and video focuses on key considerations when raising money through general advertising and general solicitation.

  2. Raising Money with “General Solicitation” – 3 Key Points that You Need to Know

    Raising Money is critical for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are starting and growing their companies. There are three key issues that you should understand regarding the upcoming changes to Rule 506 and how they will affect your ability to raise startup, working and growth capital for your company.

  3. Raising Money with Convertible Debt: The Basics

    You are meeting with a potential investor in a few days and they are interested in structuring a possible investment as convertible debt. You need to get up to speed quickly on the key terms and negotiation points for this type of investment.

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