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  1. Startup Structure: Keep the End in Mind

    Planning Your Startup Structure Just as you planned for the launch of your startup, you need to prepare for the possibility of its eventual sale.  Planning startup structure well in advance for the potential sale of your company can preemptively address many issues that may arise when it comes time to negotiate a sale with…

  2. 5 Questions (Almost) Every Entrepreneur Asks Us About Incorporation

    Learn More About Incorporation & if it’s the Best Option for You As you launch your business, you should focus on creating a stable foundation upon which to build your new venture. In many cases, a Corporation will be the best legal option to put your company on the right path to business funding, growth,…

  3. How To Sell A Business: Six Steps to Optimize Your Exit

    Just as you planned for the launch of your company, you need to understand how to sell a business. Whether the sale of your company is your endgame from the outset, an unanticipated development due to a business downturn, or an intriguing offer that has dropped into your lap, you can maximize your exit opportunity…

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