Understanding Investor Payouts

Whether you are raising venture capital or selling your company, it is critical to understand how the founders and investors will be paid out.  Don’t raise money in the dark and don’t sell your company without knowing the financial consequences.

This webinar explains the Liquidation Waterfall so that you will understand the potential exit payouts when you are negotiating your Preferred Stock financing and evaluating the sale of your company.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of modeling potential financial outcomes when negotiating your Preferred Stock financing transactions.
  • How to use financial modeling to analyze the effects of varying pre-money valuations and Liquidation Preference terms (e.g., multiple preferred returns, Participating Preferred Stock, etc.).
  • Alternative Liquidation Preference terms in preferred stock financing term sheets and the key issues to negotiate;
  • Alternative Liquidation Preference provisions and the key issues to negotiate.
  • Alternative financial scenarios using an Excel model to translate the legal language into corresponding financial outcomes.
  • Tips and takeaways as you negotiate your funding and M&A deals.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Protect your exit opportunity.
  • Learn key liquidation waterfall terms and tips.
  • Q&A in a focused workshop.
Carlos D. Heredia Startup Attorney

Presented by Carlos Heredia

Startup Attorney (Stanford JD/MBA)

Carlos works closely with startups and growing companies across a variety of technologies and industries, advising them on legal and business matters at early-stage startup, funding and sale.  As a startup attorney, he has seen many business plans, approaches and decisions, many done well and many done wrong.  Carlos takes a practical legal approach with his clients and is dedicated to making a tangible difference and positive impact on their businesses, knowing firsthand the challenges of not only launching a startup, but also managing a successful business and planning for the future.

Matt Steiner

Presented by Matt Steiner

Startup Attorney 

Matt has a gift for finding thoughtful and creative solutions while structuring transformational deals and loves working on venture financings and M&A transactions. He also enjoys being in the trenches, advising and supporting clients on their most important matters.

Matt is a business lawyer and advisor focused on representing entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses. His practice consists of working with entrepreneurs from idea to exit, angel and venture capital financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions and acting as outside general counsel to startups and emerging growth companies.


“Very insightful. I came away from this with a better understanding of what I should consider, both in the short term and the long.”

Brad Keiller, Founder of Nomad Donuts

“I’ve worked with CCG’s managing partner for years, through a successful acquisition. Great skills, service, efficiency and value. I’d highly recommend them vs. any big law firm.”

Tony Medrano, Founder of RapportBoost.AI, Inc.