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4 Tips to Help Keep Your New Business on Track

Does it feel like your efforts to your new business on track are stalling?

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and you can’t get your new business off the ground?

In the video below, I provide four tips to help keep your new business on track, so that you can continue to advance and create Your Great Business.

Below is a summary of the tips discussed in this week’s video:

Tip #1 – Take Consistent Action on a Daily Basis to Move Your Business Forward.

  • Move your business forward by taking consistent action every day.

Tip #2 – Focus on Small Steps That You Can Do Now.

  • Focus on bite-sized, actionable steps that you can do and get done now.
  • Write down 5 immediate priorities for your new business.
  • Make sure that they are “doable” and then select one of them and do it right away.
  • Then, select the next one that you will complete tomorrow.

Tip #3 – Carve Out “New Business” Time Each Day.

  • Set aside a block of time each day to focus only on your new business.
  • The key is to stay focused and push away any distractions that may interrupt your “new business” time.

Tip #4 – Create a Two Page Business Plan.

  • Writing a lengthy business plan sometimes can be too time consuming and intimidating.
  • Start first with a two-page plan that outlines the action items, key areas of focus and the challenges of your business, as well as your plans to overcome those challenges.

Your Turn:

I would love to hear about what has stalled your new business.  Please feel free to contact me directly, or comment below to share your startup experience with other followers.

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