Acquihire” or “Acqui-Hire” refers to an Acquisition where the Buyer’s interest in the transaction is primarily to acquire the target’s Employees (often engineers and others with technical skills) and their expertise, as opposed to the target’s other business operations and Assets.   An Acqui-Hire can be an expeditious way to obtain a ready-made team of talented people with the skills needed by the Acquirer to advance its technology development and other goals.  In true Acqui-Hire transactions, it is not uncommon for a significant amount of the overall consideration for the transaction to consist of Retention Agreements and other Incentive Compensation for Employees who join the Buyer. Also, in many cases, a Buyer in an Acqui-Hire transaction does not intend to continue operating the target’s business, and some Buyers may require that the target take steps to wind down its business as a condition to the closing.