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Don’t Let the Doubters Hold You Back from Your Success!

Dismiss the Doubters & Focus on Making Your Company Great

If you are starting a new business or launching a new product or service, chances are that some people will doubt the path that you are on or perhaps have negative things to say about your new direction.

Starting a new business is hard enough by itself. So what do you do when family members, friends or business colleagues start to challenge or throw cold water on your new opportunity?

In the video below, I provide 5 strategies to help you deal with the “doubters,” so that you can focus on making your business great.

5 Strategies to Help you Deal with the Doubters:

1. Know Your Purpose and Stay Grounded:

  • Develop a mission statement or set of company values to help you focus on why you are pursuing this new opportunity.
  • Step back and reflect on your underlying purpose to keep yourself grounded when dealing with negativity or doubts.

2. Remember that Talk is Cheap:

  • A lot of people talk about taking action without actually doing anything.  Remember that you had the courage to take on this new opportunity and you are the one taking action.
  • You should feel good about the new path that you have created for yourself and about your ability to step out and take chances.

3. You Can Only Control Yourself:

  • You can’t control others, what they think or their perceptions.  But, you can control where you are in the moment and the best decisions that you are taking now for your success.

4. It Will be Important to Your Success that You Are Open to Input:

  • Listen to what the doubters are saying, because their input may help you improve your ideas and business.

5. Know that You’re Not Alone:

  • You’re not the only one who will hear negative comments about your ideas and company.  Many of the most successful companies had doubters when they started out, so you’re not alone.

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