Nomad Donuts, Inc.
Start / Fund / Grow

Nomad creates globally-inspired gourmet donuts in the North Park area of San Diego. Nomad’s ever-evolving menu of delicious donuts, pastries, preserves and coffee, curated by its executive pastry chef, will keep you coming back for more. One bite and you’ll appreciate why Nomad is one of San Diego’s best doughnut joints.

The challenge.

A local accountant pointed Nomad’s founder, Brad Keiller, in our direction and we had a few initial conversations about his plans. After attending our Tacos & Term Sheets Workshops and downing some tacos, Brad got to know us better and he eventually requested our initial help to restructure his company. However, as a very small company, Brad was facing the typical dilemma when startups hire attorneys: “How can I get the right legal help for my company while not breaking the bank when I have so many other operational expenses to cover?”

The solution.

Corporate cleanup. The legal documents needed a complete overhaul, so that equity ownership could be given to key members of the team. Also with the new company structure, we have helped Nomad bring in critical expansion capital as it opens its second location.

The results.

We love Nomad’s donuts and love to see entrepreneurs like Brad succeed. We have worked with Nomad to focus only its most important legal priorities (and we have thrown in a few donut holes along the way as a helping hand).