Julez Bryant, Inc.
Start / Fund / Grow

Julez Bryant creates exquisite, hand-forged jewelry in its Southern California studio, where the company’s founder, Julie DeCosta, leads a team of seasoned jewelers and artisans. The company’s design philosophy is centered on jewelry that is meant to be worn and enjoyed – it must be both beautiful and personal, thereby empowering a woman when she is adorned. We encourage you to check out its collection!

The challenge.

When we first met Julie in 2009, she needed our help to restructure her company and position it for future funding and growth. Like with many new relationships, it was important to establish and build attorney-client trust and to demonstrate to Julez Bryant that we would work in its best interests and make its business a priority.

The solution.

Step one was to clean up shop and get the corporate house in order. We supported Julez Bryant through these initial steps by forming a completely new company as a restart. With a new legal platform in place, we have worked with Julez Bryant over the years to help bring the right people on the team, secure growth capital in funding transactions and keep the company on track legally for more funding and growth.

The results.

Julez Bryant is a growing success story and we are thrilled to have a provided a legal helping hand. Julie was smart to restructure her company when she did and it has supported her growing business since then. As Julez Bryant continues on its upward trajectory, we know that Julie and her team will continue to contact us for support, and we look forward to helping.