GroundMetrics, Inc.
Start / Fund / Grow

GroundMetrics is a sensor technology and data analytics company focused on the oil and gas and mining industries.

The challenge.

GroundMetrics needed corporate legal counsel that could help launch the company properly at startup and then guide and assist the company on an ongoing basis through its funding and growth stages.

The solution.

And that is what we have done. We helped with the initial incorporation of GroundMetrics and put in place stock ownership and corporate governance structures and documents that have allowed GroundMetrics to grow and evolve on its business journey.

Among other things, we have assisted GroundMetrics with a seed equity financing round, three rounds of preferred stock funding, convertible debt and other debt funding rounds, corporate governance and contractual matters and stock option plan compliance and administration. We also work closely with the executive team on important commercial contracts and other business deals that are shaping the company’s future.

Over time and given the various rounds of funding and equity incentives, GroundMetrics has an increasingly complex capital structure. We have continued to manage and organize this corporate finance information from day one, so that GroundMetrics is prepared for future financing and other strategic transactions. We also maintain all corporate records, attend all Board meetings and calls and serve as strategic advisors on various business deals and other operational matters. Like GroundMetrics, we have kept our ear to the ground in order to identify key business and legal issues, and their proper documentation and resolution.

The results.

GroundMetrics’ management team wanted to create a world-class company from day one. To their credit, they recognized the importance of paying attention to various startup details, including legal structure, stock ownership and corporate governance matters. Given this approach, we enjoy a close working relationship with the executive team and look forward to supporting their continuing efforts to build a successful company.