Beaming Wellness, Inc.
Start / Fund / Grow

Beaming delivers a unique, gourmet and healthy fast casual experience in its growing number of cafes throughout Southern California. As a brand with its roots firmly planted in the pursuit of true vibrancy and a lifestyle of wellness, Beaming is inspiring and empowering people of all ages to experience greater health, happiness and vitality. Their healthy juices, smoothies and foods are delicious (and we especially love their cookies).

The challenge.

Beaming recognized in early 2015 that it needed to upgrade its corporate legal support. The Chairman of the Board, who had seen our financing work up close as a stockholder of another client, approached us to get involved. Beaming had hired a new CEO and was ready to take the next steps to expand its business.

The solution.

Beaming was right – its corporate structure, contracts and recordkeeping needed a cleanse. We worked with management to round up all of the corporate documents and identified the legal areas that needed priority attention. Since our initial involvement, we have worked with Beaming’s management and Board of Directors to, among other legal projects, restructure the company’s equity capitalization, guide Beaming through various financing transactions and address resulting corporate governance changes.

The results.

Beaming is growing. It is opening new cafes and entering into exciting partnership deals. From a corporate law perspective, Beaming is healthy and ready to go. Its corporate records are up to date and ready for due diligence. We have prepared a financing model that calculates the conversion of certain debt securities into the next equity funding round, while analyzing the resulting equity ownership of (and dilution to) the shareholders. We look forward to helping Beaming with its next steps.